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  1. Closure

    I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting for my boarding call1. I’ll short board my flight to Seattle. I tweeted last night that I was “going to bed. Leaving for Seattle in the morning.” I received several concerned comments from friends regarding my trip back to seattle, so let me first allay your fears of…

  2. Dangit

    I was driving back from a day of skiing at Stevens Pass when Darren shared the news:

    "Ben Towne passed away today."


    That’s really all I have to say right now. There’s no way to express the sadness I feel. Instead, I will (again)…

  3. Information on Ben Towne

    If you are looking for information on Ben Town, please visit his CaringBridge website:


  4. Lost, Angry, Confused, Helpless, Hopeless

    From www.caringbridge.org: Thursday, October 30 Scans yesterday revealed that the cancer in Ben has aggressively progressed since the end of July. There are four new tumors – three on his brain and one on his liver. We will be starting full brain radiation tomorrow at UW Hospital. They will do this for two weeks –…

  5. Mad at God

    I’m mad at God right now. Last night, Duane told us all that Jeff and Carin were at Children’s Hospital and that it appears that Ben Towne probably has cancer.

    I feel a sickness in the pit of my stomach and the very first thing I thought of was…

  6. Welcome Home Baby Ben!

    Carin Towne is back home, safe and sound with Benjamin Towne. I talked with Jeff last week right after I heard their baby was born. The connection was unbelievably bad, but Carin and Ben were fine and Jeff sounded like he could sleep for a week. I…