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  1. What a Day

    I was going to get up at 6am this morning to up to Loveland and help officiate the race. However, for some bizzare reason, my alarm clock failed to function properly and I ended up sleeping until 7:30ish. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a ride up with Andre, who was going…

  2. Colorado 10 Pass

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I also went and purchased my Colorado 10 Pass. This bad boy allows me to ski at any of the Vail owned resorts and A-Basin for only 37.90 a day. Sweet deal!

  3. Atomic TM:X’s and AT Bindings

    If you read my blog on a somewhat regular basis, you should know that I’ve been learning how to Telemark. Well, I went up to A-Basin today with Andre Papineau and we hit the slopes. We went in for lunch and on our way out, I checked out this booth that was demoing ski’s. As…