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  1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Jeffrey Goldberg at Agilebits, who make 1Password, has a great primer on why law enforcement back doors are bad for security architecture. The entire article is worth a read, presents a solid yet easily understood technical discussion — but I think it really can be distilled down to this: From blog.agilebits.com: Just because something would…

  2. Why You’re Doing Passwords Wrong

    If you use passwords, there’s a good chance you’re doing them wrong and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

    My intent is provide some basic information on how you can do passwords better (Arguably, there is no one right way to do passwords), suitable for grandma to use (no offense grandma), because there’s no reason that you can’t do passwords better.

  3. 1Password is 50% off today!

    1Password is 50% today! This is a pretty amazing piece of software that I started using about a year ago to generate and store all my passwords using a secure system. It’s secure syncs with my iPhone! You can also use it with DropBox, which is amazing! Go get it now! via HackerNews