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  1. Embracing the small victories…like being able to use Python at work to automate mundane, but necessary, tasks.

  2. Is @Comcast throttling iOS 8 downloads? Direct through Comcast: 600 KB/s. Proxy through Linode server (over Comcast): 7 MB/s

  3. Somebody once told me, “Manage the top line, and the bottom line will follow.” What’s the top line? It’s things like, why are we doing this in the first place? What’s our strategy? What are customers saying? How responsive are we? Do we have the best products and the best people? Those are the kind…

    Steve Jobs

  4. Space Moon

    If you just want to look at a pretty picture, you can stop now. If you’re curious about how this picture came about and are not afraid of some math, keep reading.

  5. The Seafair Air Show

    If you will recall, I rented a Nikon 600mm f/4.0D AF-S II VR to take pictures of the Blue Angels in 2012…because why not? Unfortunately, the Blue Angels were canceled last year, but they were back this year! So I rented the Nikon 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR…mostly because I could: From Pros don’t…

  6. That problem when I go to write a blog and end up writing code to implement new functionality I want for the post.

  7. Humans Need Not Apply

    Just as mechanical muscles made human labor less in demand so are mechanical minds making human brain labor less in demand. This is an economic revolution. You may think we’ve been here before, but we haven’t. This time is different. Automation is here, and it’s been expanding in cognitive ability. We already have self-driving cars,…

  8. Cleanup Downloads Once a Week

    Here’s an easy way to keep your Downloads folder clean, just paste these this into your cron file (with the appropriate scheduling): Here’s the gist: I use Cronnix to manage and edit cron jobs on my Mac.