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  1. The Kolby Hoover Story

    Kolby’s bachelor party was last Saturday. It was an epic day of merriment that included boffing. This is the story1. Alternate YouTube link: ↩

  2. Most Problems Never Have To Be Solved

    When a problem is presented to me, I typically make a quick determination if needs my personal attention or not. Despite what others may desire of me, I generally let a majority of problems sit for a bit. If the issue does not arise again then I have saved myself from wasting time. I like…

  3. Progress Continues


    I got an oscilloscope for my birthday and was able to get through a very important hurdle last week. I spent the weekend laying out a new PCB, which should arrive in late next week. Interestingly I’ve also ventured into gray market IC chips from China. We’ll see how this goes. Don’t worry, it’s still…