The Events that are: My Life Archives

Things that go on in my life that cannot be catagorized somewhere else, sort of a catch-all

  1. Right Hand Drive (Timelapse)

    Having never driven on the left, I was actually surprised about how quickly I adapted as well as the things that ultimately tripped me up, roughly in ascending order of frequency: Shifting with my left hand was pretty easy…didn’t have any problems with this. Remembering to keep on the left required some mental concentration, but…

  2. Who do I know in the Dorset, UK area the weekend of April 18th? Alternatively, what should I do?

  3. I’m seriously thinking about never tipping anywhere. How do I communicate I’m not tipping on principle rather than bad service?

  4. Being Mature

    Editor’s Note: Not sure where this came from. It’s been sitting as a draft post for three years1. I think it may have come from How to be an Adult, by David Richo, which is a fantastic book. Face the facts Determine what’s not working Take responsibility for your actions and choices Make choices for…

  5. Back to Alaska Airlines Plebs Status

    I missed reaching Alaska Airlines MVP this year by 652 miles — not to be confused with the time I missed MVP Gold by 2000 miles. I thought about making a year-end milage-run, a process where you “[buy] a low-price airline ticket … and fly not because you want to go anywhere, but to earn…