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  1. Billings

    Stopped by Billings on my way home from the dentist (where I think I saw Amy Wing, The Edge intern and sister of Katie Wing, an intern at The Rock when I was in The Rock oh so many years ago). Had a wonderful half hour chat about life and school. …

  2. Billings Alumni

    Tyler Anderson: Washington State University in Pullman, Washington

    David Barker: Traveling to Europe and Costa Rica
    Andrew Ferguson: Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado
    Lindsay Hansberry: University of Denver in Denver, Colorado

  3. Billings Alumni Get Together

    I had an exciting day today. After four years, the Billings Class of 2000 finally meet up again. Turn out was pretty good, all things considered; we had 8 of 12 people show up. Everyone who was there had a great time. We took a tour of the new…

  4. Billings Class of 2000 Reunion

    We’re having a Billings Class of 2000 Reunion before everyone goes off to college and whatnot. Anyways, I’ve been able to conntact just about everybody. This is going to be really exciting!

    Tyler Anderson: Attending
    David Barker: Attending

  5. Ugh

    Today was the first day of Day Camp. Four more to go. I am completely exhausted. Unlike last week, which went by at sub-snail pace, this week should be over pretty quick. Unfortunately, that brings me one week closer to the end of summer, ergo b…

  6. Reconnecting with old friends

    I spent most of today tracking down people from my 8th grade class at Billings Middle School today. The project was really all Ted Kalmus’s idea. He suggested that I try and find out where everyone is. Well Ted, I did…almost. I tracked down ev…

  7. Ted Kalmus

    I didn’t know what else to call this blog, so i just labeled it Ted Kalmus. Who
    is Mr. Kalmus? Ted is my old 8th grade teacher, one of a few who have joined the
    ranks of teachers I truely enjoyed learning from. And not because they were