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  1. Surely You’re Joking

    These past few days have been mostly a blur. Studying late in to the night, getting a quick bit of sleep, and then waking up to take whatever final I might have. Only to repeat the same schedule, irrespective of the time. This has lead to some ser…

  2. Casino Royale

    Now you can tell all your friends that you died scratching my balls.

    Note: There may be some spoilers, nothing too bad, just a warning.

    Wow. What a fantastic movie. I left thinking that was one of the best Bond movies, ever. Easily one of th…

  3. X-Men 3: The Last Stand

    The movie was good.

    The last scene was excellent.

    The scene after the credits is jaw dropping.

    That’s right, you NEED to watch ALL the credits, then watch the last scene. Just about everyone at the Cinerama waited and then went "OOoooooo!…

  4. V for Vendetta

    Holy crap. What a freaking hawsome movie. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from The Matrix) does such a great job playing V, despite the fact that we never see his face. That takes talent. Natalie Portman also does a great job. It’s a mix of 1984 meets C…

  5. The Constant Gardner

    What a great movie. The first 45 minutes or so are a little difficult to follow, but the movie brings it all together very nicely by the end.

    From Netflix:
    Based on John le Carré’s best-seller, this tale of political intrigue centers on Justi…

  6. From the Balcony

    Matt Matteson told me about this on our way up to the pass Friday. Statler and Waldorf, the two old Mupets who always are in the balcony, are now reviewing movies on Movies.com. This is one of the better pieces of movie commentaries I’ve seen and …

  7. Saw II

    I’m not going to put any spoilers in here. But I will say that Saw II was an awesomly-great movie, even better than the first one. I didn’t see the trailer (the theatrical trailer that is, not to be confused with the teaser) before the movie and I…

  8. Done With Firefly

    I just finished the last of the Firefly dics. Wow. FOX really does suck. That was a really great show and now I can’t wait for Friday when I’m going to go see Serenity in the theater! But come on Fox. Family Guy and now this?

  9. Firefly

    I’m sorry for ever doubting anyone who said that Firefly was awesome. I just watched the first disc at Kit’s house and now I put the rest of the discs at the top of my NetFlix list. Jacqueline is right though, it is kind of confusing as to whether…