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People ask me questions all the time. I figured it would be good to have a good repository for them.

  1. Block and Tackle Efficiencies

    Not long ago a friend was looking to upgrade the mainstay1 block and tackle system on his sailboat. The question was if the proposed system would provide the anticipated reduction in force. It was an interesting question that, while seemingly straight forward, does have a couple of gotchas. Block (pulley) and tackle (rope) calculations are…

  2. Napkin Analysis of the Sand Flea Jumping Robot

    I shared this video1 with Peter, who then asked: I saw that a couple days ago. Awesome! And has some cool practical applications. I [couldn’t] quite tell if the pitch of the robot was adjustable by the user, or of it always jumped in the same direction. Did you get a sense for that? It…

  3. 24 Hours in Denver

    Jeff and Elizabeth were in Washington, DC for the week, but got stuck in made a stop in the wonderful city of Denver on their way back. Jeff asked me: 24 hours in Denver, what should we do? Here’s my quick and dirty short list of things to do in Denver. I’ve tried order it…

  4. More On Copyright

    My cousin Amanda ((who is, incidentally, the sister of my cousin Nick)) wants to know:

    I just finished a painting and I wanted to put it on Facebook, but I need to know about copyright stuff, if I put it on Facebook does that give the Facebook …

  5. The Magic of WP Greet Box

    I received an email the other day wondering how I inserted the welcome message for certain guests of Andrew Ferguson dot NET.


    Would you mind sharing what plug-in you use to do this?

    It’s very effective, and I’d love to use…

  6. Gmail Notifier and HTTPS

    If you A) Use Gmail; B) User Gmail Notifier; C) Use Windows; and D) have your GMail preferences set to always use HTTPS:

    Here is the official patch from the Gods (i.e. Google) themselves to make your Gmail Notifier work again:

  7. Copyrighting Your Work

    My cousin Nick wnats to know:

    My question is about copywriting my pictures. To my knowledge every picture I make or take is copywrited just because I did it. I was wondering if putting "all images copyright john doe 2008" on the bottom of every…