By Andrew Ferguson

  1. The Kolby Hoover Story

    Kolby’s bachelor party was last Saturday. It was an epic day of merriment that included boffing. This is the story[1]. Alternate YouTube link: [↩]

  2. List of States by number of Professional Engineers per Capita

    Apparently no one has created this list yet, so I compiled the data for the number of Professional Engineers per capita by state. Wyoming, the state with the smallest population, has the most number of Professional Engineers per capita while New York has the least. Colorado is 17th and Washington is 18th, furthering my theory…

  3. Most Problems Never Have To Be Solved

    When a problem is presented to me, I typically make a quick determination if needs my personal attention or not. Despite what others may desire of me, I generally let a majority of problems sit for a bit. If the issue does not arise again then I have saved myself from wasting time. I like…

  4. Progress Continues


    I got an oscilloscope for my birthday and was able to get through a very important hurdle last week. I spent the weekend laying out a new PCB, which should arrive in late next week. Interestingly I’ve also ventured into gray market IC chips from China. We’ll see how this goes. Don’t worry, it’s still…