There’s a certain irony in paying US Federal Taxes while I’m currently in England.

Who do I know in the Dorset, UK area the weekend of April 18th? Alternatively, what should I do?

A Calvinist arrives at the gates of heaven…

He sees that there are two lines going in. One has a sign that reads “predestined,” and the other, “free will”. He naturally heads to the predestined line.
While waiting, an angel comes and asks him “Why are you in this line?”
He replies, “Because I chose it.”
The angel looks surprised, “Well, if you ‘chose’ it, then you should be in the free will line.”
So our Calvinist, now slightly miffed, obediently wanders over to the free will line.
Again, after a few minutes, another angel asks him, “Why are you in this line?”
He sullenly replies, “Someone made me come here.”

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Конструктор: Engineer of the People →


This is one of those niche games that probably only applies to enginerds1, but if you — like me — are one of those people be prepared to lose yourself in this game as you deposit silicon and metal to make real life circuits. Конструктор is Russian for designer or contractor. and those who like…

The Wyman Engagement Photos

The View Charlie Pondering His Future Test Shoot with Rachel Setting Up the Boat Stephanie hoisting the lights Charlie Pondering His Future, Again The Setup Surprise That View So Far, So Good Dancing to the Music What’s This? A Boat? With Christmas Carolers? In January? Will You? Three Cheers! Huzzah! See the rest of the…

The Question We All Ask

From We had finished reading a book and I was about to turn off the light when she sat up and said, “Dad, I have a question for you. What have you noticed is my talent?” Maybe that doesn’t sound that big to you, but what I heard was a little different. In her…

I’m seriously thinking about never tipping anywhere. How do I communicate I’m not tipping on principle rather than bad service?

Being Mature

Editor’s Note: Not sure where this came from. It’s been sitting as a draft post for three years1. I think it may have come from How to be an Adult, by David Richo, which is a fantastic book. Face the facts Determine what’s not working Take responsibility for your actions and choices Make choices for…