Being Mature

Editor’s Note: Not sure where this came from. It’s been sitting as a draft post for three years1. I think it may have come from How to be an Adult, by David Richo, which is a fantastic book.

  1. Face the facts
  2. Determine what’s not working
  3. Take responsibility for your actions and choices
  4. Make choices for yourself
  5. Acknowledge your emotions
  6. Say what needs to be said
  7. Acknowledge the authority you are beholden to
  8. Embracing what’s difficult
  9. Taking in/navigating the other perspectives in the room
  10. Opposite of being a victim of circumstance
  11. Knowing the difference between: didn’t, don’t want to, and can’t

  1. circa 2011/09/18  

Back to Alaska Airlines Plebs Status

I missed reaching Alaska Airlines MVP this year by 652 miles — not to be confused with the time I missed MVP Gold by 2000 miles. I thought about making a year-end milage-run, a process where you “[buy] a low-price airline ticket … and fly not because you want to go anywhere, but to earn…

What’s your Critical Level to Get Things Done

For me, it’s two. I’ll often make decisions when some level reaches two. If I need to email someone about something, I won’t email them if it’s just one thing. But I have to ask them about two or point things, I’ll do it. If a request is made to add a feature, I may…

Stupid People, Stupid Questions, and the Lazyweb

Scott Adams has a great quote: If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? This quote came to mind as I was reading a post by Jeff Atwood on the word Lazyweb: From It’s hard to pin…

In Greek legend, Icarus flew too close to the Sun, and the heat melted his wings and he fell to his death. But “melting” is a phase change which is a function of temperature, a measure of internal energy, which is the integral of incident power flux over time. His wings didn’t melt because he…

Randall Munroe

Embracing the small victories…like being able to use Python at work to automate mundane, but necessary, tasks.

Is @Comcast throttling iOS 8 downloads? Direct through Comcast: 600 KB/s. Proxy through Linode server (over Comcast): 7 MB/s