April, 2014

  1. Thoughts on King County’s Failed Proposition 1

    While most of the coverage for Proposition 1 read nice, there was not a lot of data shown to back it up the claims. This is frustrating because once you starting digging into the data, you find things like the fact that since 2001 operating costs per vehicle hour have increased 17%1 (when adjusted for…

  2. What Is a Photocopier?

    How would you explain a photocopier, in lay terms? If someone asked you if your office had a photocopier, what would your answer be? Apparently, this was a challenge for a $64,000-a-year Cuyahoga County worker which the NYTimes has crafted into a rather gripping Op-Doc.

  3. The Kolby Hoover Story

    Kolby’s bachelor party was last Saturday. It was an epic day of merriment that included boffing. This is the story1. Alternate YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJuDyrRpz9Y ↩

  4. Most Problems Never Have To Be Solved

    When a problem is presented to me, I typically make a quick determination if needs my personal attention or not. Despite what others may desire of me, I generally let a majority of problems sit for a bit. If the issue does not arise again then I have saved myself from wasting time. I like…