February, 2014

  1. Why You’re Doing Passwords Wrong

    If you use passwords, there’s a good chance you’re doing them wrong and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

    My intent is provide some basic information on how you can do passwords better (Arguably, there is no one right way to do passwords), suitable for grandma to use (no offense grandma), because there’s no reason that you can’t do passwords better.

  2. The Day We Fight Back

    Six months ago, primarily in light of the issues concerning the NSA’s use of what I believe to be unconstitutional searches I started the process of moving my email system (which is also the email system my family and extended family uses) away from Google Apps. Last week, I completed the technical transition to the…

  3. 2013 Year in Cities

    After missing MVP Gold by about 2000 miles last year, I started 2013 back at square one: I started climbing back up the points ladder again, hitting up two new states: Pennsylvania and Missouri, as well as one new country: Honduras! Seattle, WA* San Diego, CA Salt Lake City, UT* San Francisco, CA Solomons, MD*…