January, 2014

  1. 2012 Year in Cities

    I neglected to share my escapades for 2012, which is a shame because I flew almost about 50,000 miles, missed Alaska Airlines MVP Gold by about 2,000 miles, and rode a train! I added four new states and a district: New York, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and Alabama. Billings, MT* Seattle, WA* New York,…

  2. $10K for a Car?

    Pretend you had up to $10K to spend on a car, which car would you purchase and why? (By which I mean, what should Rachel and I get). Usage: Daily driving to work Occasional long-distance (up to 1600 miles round trip) Requirements: Dual-Climate Control Seat-Warmers Desirements: Bluetooth integration Toyota, Volkswagen, or Subaru Ready, Set, Go!