August, 2012

  1. You’re Not Listening →

    I relish articles like this not only for the off-chance I somehow get thrown into a leadership position, but also because it’s a good life skill. Rands does a consistently good job of mapping engineering speak to life, imagine a career counselor who not only was good as his job, but also spoke geek—it’s as…

  2. Sometimes you get a call from your managers, managers, manager that he needs you on a conference call at 8pm tonight.

    Sometimes you get instructions to be on a flight to the east coast in 14 hours.

    Sometimes you realize that if there is a problem, if no one else can help, and if they can find you…you will be called upon.

  3. Milestone for WordPress self-hosted v0.9

    The website I made for Rachel and myself is, of course, run on WordPress. After looking through some themes, I eventually settled on the Forever theme. Forever is a theme, but can be downloaded via SVN from so someone can use it on a self-hosted WordPress installation. Everything was going great, but I…

  4. Shooting the Blue Angels with the Beast

    The Blue Angels are back in town! Yesterday, I got to see them take off from the flight line (one of the many job perks). Today I went out with Rachel and took pictures using the Nikon 600mm f4.0D AF-S II VR that I rented yesterday. The thing is a beast: I got some pretty…