May, 2012

  1. Moving Registrars

    I’m switching registrars so I can leave GoDaddy. There should be no issues since only the registrar data is changing. While this technically touches the DNS system, it’s only updating the registrar data at Internic and leaving the DNS servers the same (including the Start of Authority server). However if something does go wrong, now…

  2. There is a guy sleeping in the bathroom stall next to me. I want to know his secret for sleeping through the flushing sounds.

  3. When I take training that includes the caveat “where permitted by local law”, I’m reminded of assignments in college that started with “neglecting air resistance”.

  4. Colstrip

    Colstrip is a little town in the southeast corner of Montana. It’s a former boomtown and home to the 25000-acre Rosebud Coal Mine, 2100 megawatt Colstrip Power Station, and the Hofacker clan1. These are pictures of the 2100 megawatt2 power station: Whence the Lady Hofacker came ↩1.73 x the power required to operate the flux capacitor…

  5. Semper Verum1 — Engineering sleuthing at its best

    1. I originally wrote this as semper technica corrigere (always technically correct), however in Latin that would probably mean something more along the lines of “always skilfully fixing”. If there is a better translation, let me know 

  6. Mike and Tiffany, an Engagement Photoshoot

    Photography is my hobby, not my job, so I can afford to pick and choose what I want to shoot. One of the reasons I took this job was that the prime location was to shoot from the top of the top of the Space Needle. Yes, the very top. Also, Mike and Tiffany are…