July, 2011

  1. Week 23

    Message from the future1: I’m off camping. In Montana. With Rachel. Which means that I still seem to be doing quite a bit of traveling. But I’m not complaining. Life is grand2! And now that I actually have some free time, I hope you’ve been enjoying catching up with me on all the pictures. Only…

  2. Week 20

    Day 134 (May 14th) 1/7 isn’t bad….although I think it makes it worse that I missed the first photo of the week. Lame. Day 135 Day 136 Day 137 Day 138 Day 139 Day 140 (May 20th)

  3. Week 19

    Day 127 (May 7th) Day 128 Day 129 Day 130 Day 131 Le sigh…another week where I fall flat on my face and don’t have a picture Day 132 Day 133 (May 13th)

  4. Week 18

    May was a really busy month. I spent about 30 hours flying in airplanes from Seattle to Oklahoma City and Denver, plus countless more hours working on the airplane I support for work. It was basically get on a plane, work, get on a plane, see Brian graduate, get on a plane, work, get on…