October, 2010

  1. The Most Complicated Game

    With apologies to the author, Michael Reisman, I preformed the Short Imagined Monologue The Most Complicated Game at the Convergence Fall Retreat No-Talent Talent Show: I really wanted to do I’m Comic Sans, Asshole, but it’s rife with language inappropriate for such a setting…another time.

  2. Three Ladies Bored on a Sunday Night

    About a year and half ago, when I was still in college, I came across the following ad on Craigslist: Three ladies bored on a Sunday night… – 23 (Denver Metro) So as we were searching Craigslist for new places to live, we decided to check out the personal ads. After looking at countless ads,…

  3. Water Cooler RAID

    It’s Friday. I came across this and lorted (laugh + snorted). It’s a Redundant Array of Independent Drinks1: click to embiggen I found it via the Slicehost blog, but found the actual picture on Flickr by Zach Tirrell. http://gadgetopia.com/post/4542 ↩

  4. Photos From Around Seattle

    We’ve had some pretty remarkable weather here in Seattle over the last few days. I’ve been experimenting with a new app on my Android called Retro Camera while I wait for Chase Jarvis to release his Best Camera app on the Android. Anyway, the motto is: “The best camera is the one you have with…

  5. Where Am I?

    I feel like I haven’t written here in ages. Don’t worry, I’m still alive. Lots of things have been going on recently, some of which I hope to write about in the near future. However, that brings me to something I’ve been pondering for a while (like, months). What is the purpose of this blog?…