March, 2010

  1. Countdown Timer Update is in the Works

    It’s been over a year since I’ve had the chance to update Countdown Timer. However, a couple of weeks ago the stars aligned just so and I started working on a slew of updates. Nothing huge, mostly just updating code in the back end to do things pr…

  2. For the week of 2010-03-27 in Tweets

    i've communicated with two great friends on two different continents via the miracle of the Internet = still awesome. #fb #
    RT @robbushway:our country will reap the curses of what just happened tonight for decades and decades.what a legacy …

  3. New Glasses?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a pair to replace my current ones for a couple of months. The last time I got new glasses was about 4 years ago, just before I went to Europe with my family. The prescription is out of date, part of the anti-glare …

  4. Solve

    I saw this the other day and I can only hope that my future wife will be able to solve this equation:

    [latex]\mathrm{Solve\ for\ i:}\ 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u)[/latex]

    via MLIA (click for solution)

  5. Working with My Former Self

    I’m doing some verification of specifications at work that involves going through documents and making sure that stuff is up to par. A couple of times, I’ll come across a document and think to myself, this is a pretty good document (i.e. it looks …

  6. Apply for My Old Job

    My group at work, Mission Computing Hardware, just had a requisition posted for a new intern! The last intern was hired in 2006 and would later go on to get hired to full time. The last intern also happened to be me.

    Now, I obviously can’t make…