December, 2009

  1. 2009 Year End Zeitgeist

    It’s that time of year again! I’ve collected the data, crunched the numbers, and have now published the data for Andrew Ferguson dot NET 2009. As always, these stats mean practically nothing. They are fun (and at time, amusing) to look at, that’s it. Enjoy and Happy New Year! Top ten search terms for 20091:…

  2. More On Copyright

    My cousin Amanda ((who is, incidentally, the sister of my cousin Nick)) wants to know:

    I just finished a painting and I wanted to put it on Facebook, but I need to know about copyright stuff, if I put it on Facebook does that give the Facebook …

  3. The First Item I Ever Bought on EBay

    Ten years ago today, I ((technically my parents, but I was the one who used it)) signed up for EBay. I was in 8th grade and so very badly wanted a LEGO set that had recently ceased production. Specifically, set 4555: Freight Loading Cargo Station….