October, 2009

  1. The Day The Music Died

    Yahoo! is shutting down GeoCities today. A little known fact is that I used to have a web presence on GeoCities. In fact, it’s still there! I’ve checked back a couple times a year to see if it was still up and running it, and it always was.


  2. For the week of 2009-10-25 in Tweets

    freaking-a, dunstan is peeing on things…he's never done that before. ugh. #
    Help me improve my design on http://fivesecondtest.com/test/m0xnv1C0 #
    hmmm…that was interesting. #

    Powered by Twitte…

  3. Google Voice Invites

    I have three invites for Google Voice sitting in my inbox and I’m trying to figure out how to best distribute them. I could sell them on eBay or Craigslist for between $5 and $15 each it looks like. Or perhaps come up with some crafty give away co…

  4. The Droid

    I’ve had my current phone, an LG VX8300 for over two years now. It basically does what I need it to, make and receive phone calls and text messages. But I’ve been itching for more.

    I’ve watched as the iPhone was introduced ((Original iPhone)), …

  5. Colorado for Vacation

    I just booked my first vacation as person in The Real World™, and I’m going back to Colorado! Woo! This will be my first flight since getting back from my Europe Trip in August. I’ll be flying out right after work on Wednesday, November 18th…

  6. It’s Magic!

    On occasion, emails are sent out looking for lost items or reporting found items. I usually just delete them, but this one I felt like sharing; is it just me, or do these two read like some sort of weird magic trick?

    Whoever borrowed the cart f…

  7. For the week of 2009-10-04 in Tweets

    things to be happy about: no late sunday night homework panics #fb #
    Remember: With great power comes great current squared time resistance http://bit.ly/27xiyL #fb #
    airfare to colorado is soooo cheap right now. $160 round trip. I may just d…