August, 2009

  1. For the week of 2009-08-30 in Tweets

    when is a nda a pia? #fb #
    coffee's ability to make everything okay never ceases to amaze me. #fb #
    A fire alarm really? What time is it? WTF?! #fb #
    RT @rebekkaanne: … I-5 closed at northgate due to a sniper! #
    is downloading Windows …

  2. Engineers Explained

    In my never ending quest to accurately describe who engineers – and by association, myself – are, I happened to stumble upon this great explanation, attributed to Scott Adams (a.k.a. The guy who writes Dilbert):

    People who work in the fields of…

  3. What I’m Not Doing Today

    For the first time in, well, 17 years or so, I’m not going to school.

    Sometimes, it seemed like I’d never get from here:


    to here:


    It still hasn’t quite set in yet, maybe by lu…

  4. Running

    One of the great things about my new place is how close I am to Green Lake. One of my goals for coming back to Seattle and being in The Real World™ is to exercise. I tried it a year ago with CrossFit, and had mixed success. I was able to fin…

  5. Starting on a Friday

    I started work this past Friday. People have been asking why start on a Friday? The short answer is: because I want to. The longer answer is steeped in tradition.

    The work week starts on a Friday and goes to the following Thursday. I have no id…

  6. Catch Me If You Can

    I went to see Catch Me If You Can on Thursday with a friend from school, Kate Reinking, who was in Seattle for part of this week. I have to say, it was a pretty amazing musical.

    First things first though; if you are even thinking about seeing i…

  7. The Apartment

    As I suspected, we were approved without issue and will be moving in on Monday! As in two days! Both rooms are about the same size. Room A is slight smaller, has less closet space, but has two windows. Room B is slightly bigger, has more closet sp…

  8. The Molehills are Still Real

    The other day we were discussing a talk given by Naomi Wolf about her book The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot where she lays out what she sees happening in America and a fascist America in 10 steps.

    The question at hand wa…