June, 2009

  1. Charlie’s Airplane Excitment

    I’m meeting Charlie in Istanbul today. However, he’s had a bit of excitement on his plane ride from the States…

    6:30 PM PDT
    SO…….I am in Halifax…….we had an emergency landing for a guy who had a heart attack. Didn’t empty enough fuel…

  2. Dateline: Kiev, Day 2 – The Ballet

    Kiev, Ukraine
    19 June 2009

    I really only came to Ukraine for one reason: I wanted to see Chernobyl. However, I figured that since I was spending all this time and money getting here, I might as well see some sights, too.

    Last night, Phil me…

  3. Dateline: Tallinn, Day 2 – T and D

    I woke up early today, actually using my alarm clock for the first time on this entire trip, to meet a T, a good friend from work, and his wife D. T follows my blog and let me know a couple months ago that they would be on a Baltic Sea cruise abou…

  4. Packing List

    Per Charlie’s request, here is my finalized packing list, an update of this list:

    Three cotton t-shirts
    Three synthetic fiber t-shirts
    One "nice" shirt, a polo
    Two pairs of cotton shorts
    Three pairs of synthetic underwear
    Four …