April, 2009

  1. Days of Class Left

    I was walking to my 8am class this morning. The sun was out and the air was cool. It felt good knowing this was my last day. In an ironic sort of poetic justice way, it felt very much like my first day of class.

    The M is currently showing a…

  2. Days of Class Left

    For what ever reason, I feel like quoting some Three Dog Night:
    One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
    Two can be as bad as one
    It’s the loneliest number since the number one

    No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know
    Yes, i…

  3. Not Art

    Last October, when I was in Chicago, Kim and I ((Ben didn’t want to go)) went to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

    Something struck me as interesting. While there were some amazing piece of work there, there were also lots of things that were not…

  4. Days of Class Left

    I’m now, more or less, done with my formal learning mode. The next two days are comprised of final presentations and reviews. Today marked my last Analog and Digital Communication Systems lab and tomorrow starts the final round of classes ((it…

  5. Days of Class Left

    I had an epiphany the other night while falling asleep: I’m graduating. You might think that with only a few days of class left, this fact would be a little bit more pervasive in my thoughts; but it’s not.

    I also confirmed my Return to Work…

  6. Pinhole Photography Day

    April 26th was Pinhole Photography Day. In honor of said day, and because I was bored, I rigged up a makeshift pinhole camera.


    One Nikon D70
    One piece of cardboard
    One pin to make hole


  7. Done with Star Trek…For Now

    33226 minutes later, I just finished the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’ve watched every single episode and movie of Star Trek ever made, in order ((order of series, not chronology release order…that just would have been too confusing)…

  8. Au Revoir to MySpace

    Just killed MySpace account. I never really used it and have always hated MySpace. Normally, I’ just let it collect dust, but for whatever reason I decided to actually delete it.

    Deal with it.

    You can still find me on Facebook and, of course…

  9. The Esoterics of Image Sharpening

    I’ve been working on clearing out my huge backlog of photos. I’ve been trying to streamline my process as much as I can in order to get the pictures out the door. As it stands right now, I use no fewer than four programs to get a picture from my c…