March, 2009

  1. Plans for Russia and Turkey

    My friend, Eric Boyd, left this comment on my Facebook wall regarding my trip:
    That should be a lot of fun. Watch out for Gypsies though. I’ve heard they like to break into train compartments and rob you blind. But I’m sure in your case they will…

  2. EDays 2009: Diamond AnnivarsarE-Days

    EDays is upon us once again. And once again, I’ll be taking photos! I’m the official EDays photographer for The Oredigger and the EDays Committee. Last year was great and I got some great photos. But this year. This year is going to be epic. This …

  3. The Magic of WP Greet Box

    I received an email the other day wondering how I inserted the welcome message for certain guests of Andrew Ferguson dot NET.


    Would you mind sharing what plug-in you use to do this?

    It’s very effective, and I’d love to use…

  4. School Closed


    Originally uploaded by mattmmatt

    For the first time in 15 years ((says the lunch lady)), the Colorado School of Mines has a snow day.

    Due to severe weather and treacherous driving conditions, Colorado School of Mines will close …

  5. Things to Do, Things to Pack

    Plans are well under way now! I just booked my flight to Europe. I’ll be leaving on June 2nd at 7:30am and flying Seattle to Dulles (UA916/767-300) to Moscow (UA964/767-300), arriving at 10:45am on June 3rd, business class. I’ll be spending just o…

  6. The Incubator

    Just writing out what I know I need to accomplish in the next 15-45 days. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many projects go supernovae ((when a project goes supernova, it’s basically near completion, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. ver…

  7. Race For The Finish Line

    I’m 52 episodes into Star Trek: Enterprise. I have 46 episodes left to watch and only 43 days left until I graduate. And I’m planning on watching the new Star Trek movie on opening night before graduation (Facebook event: Star Trek then Graduate)….

  8. A Flight To Moscow

    I’ve talked to the Russian Consular in Seattle, United Airlines, and a Russian man in Moscow with decent English.

    I have a confirmed (but not booked) flight from Seattle to Dulles (UA916) to Moscow (UA964) leaving at 7:30am on June 2nd and arri…