August, 2008

  1. What You Leave Behind

    It’s taken about seven months to get here, but 7,920 minutes later, I’ve finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s kind of bitter sweet, really. DS9 was a great series. But I must press on.

    Minutes Seen: 21370
    Minutes Left: 11976

  2. Pooch Unscrewed

    After talking with Adam and checking both the 2008/09 Undergraduate Bulletin and with the Registrar, it looks like I can take Introduction to Law and Legal Systems after all, or any other 200- or 300-level class.


  3. Almost Screwed the Pooch

    I had brunch today with Ben, Mike, and company. I happened to be talking with Mike about my classes for this semester (Mike is a fellow EE, although he graduated in May). I mentioned that I was taking Introduction to Law and Legal Systems, which i…

  4. The First 2000 Posts

    Some 409,075 words later, this is the 2,000th post. It took about six years to get here. I wonder what the next six years will look like?

    Enjoy some of the goodness and get a random AFdN post.

    Incidentally, I’ve also recently posted by 10,00…