May, 2008

  1. Pushing Back Departure

    For all those interested, I don’t think I’ll be leaving Golden until Sunday morning. It just seems so abrupt to leave tomorrow morning.

    Heck, I haven’t even started packing yet.

    Pushing back my leave date will allow some more time to clean a…

  2. But Wait! There’s More!

    When we last left our hero, he was recovering from what was purported to be a case of pertussis followed by an ear infection. If you thought story ended here, you would be wrong.

    The Health Center wanted me to come back in today or tomorrow so …

  3. Copyrighting Your Work

    My cousin Nick wnats to know:

    My question is about copywriting my pictures. To my knowledge every picture I make or take is copywrited just because I did it. I was wondering if putting "all images copyright john doe 2008" on the bottom of every…

  4. Cost of Gas

    We’re having an interesting discussion about about gas/oil, oil companies, and the price/net profits of the aforementioned interests over at Audrey’s blog.

    Start with $4/gallon and Pointing Fingers and then continue reading with Price Breakdown…

  5. Mount Falcon Hike

    I went on a hike/run today with Corinne, Ben, Michael, Kendra, and Kevin. It was about a 10km hike up Mount Falcon on the Turkey Trot, Castle Trail, and Walker’s Dream Trail.

    Yellow: Route we went on once
    Red: Route we went on twice

    It wa…

  6. Leaving Soon

    I’ll be leaving Colorado at the end of the week. Thus, if you’d like to see me or need something from me before I return in August, now would be the time.

    This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regular programming.

  7. The Fun Continues

    I went back into the health center today because I was vomiting again (I basically cough so much/hard that I end up throwing up). They think that I might have Pertussis,which the aforementioned regimen of Azithromycin should have taken care of.

  8. Getting Better, Almost

    I’ve been sick with a nasty flu/cold/congestion for the last couple weeks or so. I’m been into the health center four times in the last three weeks now. They decided it was finally time to put me on antibiotics. So I’m on a five day course of Azit…

  9. Force User Field Registration v0.6

    So it seems like WordPress 2.5 ended up breaking some things in the previous version. So I did some work over the weekend and brought everything back up to speed. Here’s a list of what’s been updated:

    Added PHPDoc

    Updated add_action to u…