April, 2008

  1. Power of the Brain

    A little while ago, I was wondering to myself how much power the brain uses. Today, BoingBoing helped me answer that question:
    The brain consumes 20 percent of your body’s energy, but what for? Turns out a third of the energy is spent on "houseke…

  2. A Man’s House is His Castle: Summary

    …continued from A Man’s House is His Castle: Arguments Against Fourth Amendment Limitations.

    It is the recommendation of this author that rights established in the Fourth Amendment be interpreted broadly. While this author recognizes…

  3. Blogging: WordPress vs. Blogger

    A good friend from college asks:
    I’m thinking of starting a blog. (Not sure how good of an idea this is but whatever, it’s an idea.) I was shopping around the different platforms and was wondering what your take is on them. You obviously use Word…

  4. Postcrossing to the Netherlands

    I sent another batch of Postcrossing postcards out in the mail last Friday and the first one has arrived in the Netherlands!

    Thamar wrote back:


    Tanx for your great card! Are you such a good photographer or was it just luck? 🙂 Very n…