March, 2008

  1. The Girl I Took to Prom

    The girl who I took to my prom senior year, Lia DiBiase, got married last Saturday (March 22). Not a huge deal since we weren’t dating or anything, but it’s still kind of weird, I feel.

    In any event, congratulations to Lia and Adam!

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  2. Lost Sweater

    Nikon D70 || Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D || 1/60 || f/1.8 || ISO200 || Handheld Someone had left their sweater at the desk I sat down at. She later came and picked it up as the library was closing.

  3. Postcrossing to France

    My second postcard sent via Postcrossing has been received in France today:

    Masha wrote back:
    hello andrew!!! how are you??

    thanks a lot for your beautiful card!! it’s so pretty!!! and you’re take this
    pic! very talented!!))

    Time send…

  4. Postcrossing to Finland

    Photojojo had a post on cool website called Postcrossing: From Pretend you’re eight years old for a second. Now pretend you just got a photo in the mail from your new buddy in Finland. Fantastic, right? Best mail ever! Now here’s the secret: it’s still that much fun to get photos from around the…

  5. Lead Climb Certified

    With some help from Michael and Paul, I finally passed the lead climb test for the wall at Mines.

    I think my next goal is going to be lead certified at ROCK’n & JAM’n. It’s going to be quite a bit more difficult since there’s an extensive overh…

  6. Murder by PowerPoint

    In my Constitutional Law and Civil Rights class, we’re doing student presentations on Supreme Court Justices. There are 32 people in the class and in about 3 hours, we managed to get through 10 of them. That means that I’m going to be forced to si…

  7. Sarah Plants

    Ben recently told me that a casual acquaintance of ours, Sarah Plants, had recently passed away due to cancer. I didn’t know her very well, but saw her quite a bit since she played Ultimate Frisbee on the UW team. Doug, her husband, also lived at …

  8. Happy Easter

    I though Easter was a bit early this year, but I didn’t realize it was this early. From Rob Bushway’s blog:

    Easter is very early this year, and here is a little explanation as to why.

    Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full mo…