October, 2007

  1. Guest Authoring at GottaBeMobile

    Starting later today, I’ll be doing a series of articles on GottaBeMobile.com that deals with tablet issues from a student perspective. We’ll, at least from my perspective (if you know me, you know that I can bring a unique perspective to anything…

  2. The Great American Beer Festival

    The Great American Beer Festival was pretty awesome.

    I’ve never seen so many different beers before in my life, and therein lies the problem. Being of the analytical sort, I was completely overwhelmed with my choices of beer. I knew I couldn’t …

  3. Force User Field Registration v0.5

    A real update this time! Version 0.5 of Force User Field Registration finally includes that back end I’ve been promising to put in. This should make it pretty easy to use now. I also updated some of the code to take advantage of some already estab…

  4. The Bet

    The Rockies and Red Sox are playing the World Series (in case you didn’t know). Seeing as I’m going to school in Colorado and my good friend Jeff is going to school in Boston, I figured we’d make a little bet.

    Every Christmas Break, we all go t…

  5. Boston: Day Two

    The following takes place between 6ampm and 2am, Boston Local Time:

    Three hours of sleep is not near enough. Fortunately, it was race day and the adrenaline began rushing soon after the alarm went off. We were all out by 6:40am and had Colin dr…

  6. Information R/evolution

    This is an amazing video that helps show the issues we (as people) have with organizing things in a natively non-physical world. It’s made by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University:
    Information R/ev…

  7. Snow and Thunder

    It’s snowing outside right now and thundering.

    Yes thunder.

    It’s the weirdest thing.

    We’re supposed to get 4"-8" by 6pm tonight here in the foothills.