September, 2007

  1. Boeing Surplus to Close

    The Seattle Times reports that Boeing Surplus is going to be closing their doors come December 21st:

    Boeing instead plans to sell its surplus items in bulk to wholesale buyers over the Internet and through a more traditional contracting process…

  2. Schindler’s List

    Schindler’s List is pretty much just a great movie. The story is great and despite the fact that it’s 195 minutes long (3 hours, 15 minutes), you really become attached to the characters.

    If you liked Hotel Rwanda, you should like this movie.

  3. Updates to AFdN

    WordPress 2.3 was released earlier today (i.e Monday) and I spent some quality time backing up and then upgrading to that. I also upgraded and purged a bunch of the plugins and upgraded the theme to it’s latest version (which now supports widgets)…