May, 2007

  1. Some Updates

    Things are starting to get busy. Which is good, because I was getting board.

    I still haven’t caught up with my feed reader yet, however my email is down to 91.

    On the job front, lets just say that things are progressing and I should have an …

  2. Another One on the Wedding Circuit

    I just got the news today that long time family friend Charlotte Ramey, who’s only a year older then me, is engaged and set to be married mid-August.

    I think this makes five or weddings I’ll be going to this summer, including three in August.

  3. The People You Meet

    I’ve been running into a lot of people from my past. Not bad people, just people I thought I’d never see again.

    Okay, this isn’t entirely true. I knew I would see some of them again at some point.

    Today I ran into Joel Puntigam at Marissa’s …

  4. Back in Seattle

    I’m finally back in Seattle, after about a 3000 mile trip back home (I took the longer way).

    I’ll have some updates and photos tomorrow, hopefully. I have some 231 emails to get through in the mean time.

  5. Back On the Road Again

    I’m back on the road again, it’s time I leave you now
    And maybe I’ll see you next time, that I’m around
    Until then I hope your happy baby and good times come your way
    I’m back on the road again, I’m on my way

    Car is fixed and loaded back up …

  6. Spring 2007 Grades

    Circuits: C
    MEL Lab: A
    Mechanics of Materials: C
    Thermodynamic: C
    Differential Equations: B
    Probabilities and Statistics: B
    Introduction to Space Exploration: A

    GPA for this Semester: 2.629
    Cumulative GPA: 2.564

    Couple of notes, 1.98%…

  7. The New Plan

    After having John Elway Subaru take a look at it, my uncle (Danny) helped me pull the car to Strictly Automotive in Denver (where we originally got the car).

    The issue appears to be a broken rod, which makes some sense with regard to the sympto…

  8. Car Woes

    Well, Red October is sick.

    Had it towed from Bakerville back to Golden at the John Elway Subaru Dealership.

    $152 (after AAA discount)

    They took a look and there’s something all crapped up in the engine.

    To replace the lower engine bloc…