April, 2007

  1. Blog Advertising

    Every so often, I get a request seeing if I’d like to put an advertisement on my website. It’s tempting sometimes, one little harmless ad to help offset the cost of hosting my site (it’s something like $100/year for everything). But I don’t, and y…

  2. Red October Repairs: Conclusion

    When I left off, I had an appointment to get Red October serviced at Merrill Axle & Wheel.

    Mom happened to be in town, so she was able to come with me to play chauffeur. This made things easier and cheap.

    Unfortunately, this turned out to be…

  3. Resume Update

    The obligatory end-of-school-year resume update. With a special shoutout to Amelie, Audrey, and Dad for their input/corrections.

    Critique as you find necessary.


  4. Red Light Photos

    The concert at EDay’s provided some great lighting (I’ve been reading Strobist lately, a blog about off camera flash lighting), but I had some issues when the red lights came on. The red light tended to really wash out the image, almost light a bright white light. I did some research and I guess that…

  5. Red Cross Certified

    In addition to having my Wilderness Outdoor First Aid Certification, I am not certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid and Adult CPR/AED.

    However, I have to say I found the class less then satisfying and even borderline unprofessional. …

  6. Exams Results

    Thursday concluded the final round of exams before finals. Here are the grades I know thusly:

    Mechanics of Materials: 73
    Thermodynamics: 102/150 (68%)
    Circuits: 81

    I have yet to hear back from Differential Equations and Probabilitie…

  7. More Days Off Next Year

    This comes as welcome news for everyone at Mines, I’m sure. Starting next school year, we will receive an extra three days of break spread throughout the year; all without pushing back the end of school.

    How? As I understand it, we’re only requ…

  8. Three Weeks Left

    Two weeks left of regular classes. Three weeks if you count finals. I have 7 exams (including 5 finals) in the next three weeks, two of which are tomorrow. To say that I’m a little stressy would be an understatement.