November, 2006

  1. Trigonometric Identities

    Wikipedia has a list of trig identities.

    I’m not quite sure what’s worse, the fact that Wikipedia has them or the fact that I need to use them.

    Calc III exam at 7:30 6:30.

    Here are the three I’ve been using a lot:

    Sin2[x] = (1-Cos[2…

  2. 10.5

    10.5 inches. That’s how much snow we just got here in Golden! It snowed for a good 24 hours and really just stopped a few hours ago (okay, like 6 hours ago). There were a bunch of accidents yesterday, according to Matt:

    My excitement was riding…

  3. Star Trek: The Animated Series

    I have this great plan to watch all the Star Trek shows and movies…in order. After I finished watching The Original Series last summer, I took a short break. I finished up with the original movies a few weeks after school started. Believe it or …

  4. More Snow

    Brian and Quinn both just let me know that it’s snowing in Seattle and sticking. Looks like I got out just in time. My flight yesterday was delayed 30 minutes so they could de-ice. I slept the whole way. I’m good on the plane like that.

  5. Oh So Sore

    My entire lower body just hurts. My butt hurts when I sit, it hurts when I stand, it hurts when I walk. I didn’t go skiing today. Neither did Quinn, although he was sick. We walked around Whistler Village and finally settled on Star Bucks with fre…

  6. Snow

    Peter, with Ben and Quinn in tow, picked me up at 3:30 today. That would be 3:30 am, not pm. We hit the slopes just before 9, with only a few hours of rest. But it was worth it. The 30 cm of fresh powder, fresh tracks, the sore body. We went to Lo…

  7. Happy Gobble Gobble Day

    Thanksgiving break has been good this, thus far. We had thanksgiving dinner tonight. Thanksgiving dinner has been one of the weird things, of my family (at least I think of it as weird). We always eat around 4 or 5pm, which is a good three hours e…

  8. Rules for Concerts

    I headed down to The Showbox with Peter, Quinn, Ben, and Brian. We got in around 8 and proceeded to wait for until the first performer to come on.
    Half hour later, we finally got some hiphop by One Be Lo. He was a good warmup.
    Following him Chok…