August, 2006

  1. A Phone

    I have a phone. We had an extra one at home, so Mom and Dad FedEx’ed it out to me, which was great. It’s not my old phone, but it’ll work…for now.

  2. Phone Goes Poop Too

    And now my phone is broken! WHYYYY?!?!

    It currently says "BOOTLOADER USB INIT". I Googled that and ‘motorola’ and got some hits, but nothing that lead to a quick fix. So I went down to the Verizon store at Mills mall. They open the back up and …

  3. Flickr Geotagging

    From the Inboxen™ of Andrew Ferguson:


    I work for Flickr. I’m writing to you because you have lots of geotagged photos and we’re about to launch geotagging. Our system works in a slightly different, more "built in’ way than what …

  4. An Option

    The part that broke is called an LCD Mask, Toshiba part number P000388420. I did a Google Search for it and the prices are around $180 ± $50. This, as it turns out, is very close to the "official" price from Nation Parts Depot (Toshiba’s parts ven…

  5. Oh Crack

    I’m at Ryan Goodwin’s house, doing my Statics homework like a good boy. I flip by screen around and ever so gently tap the pepper shaker and my screen cracks. Actually, it’s just the plastic on top of my screen that cracked. It’s still usable, but…

  6. Snakes in a What?

    I did see Snakes on a Plane on Friday with Ryan Walter and his friend. It was a funny movie. Mostly funny in that really stupid way in which nothing shown on the screen could ever happen in real life, but still funny to see how the characters reac…

  7. Dear Neighbors

    Came home from Woody’s tonight to find this note waiting for Matt and myself:

    Hi – Dear Neighbor, –

    I came up to talk w/ you but you are out. I have to be at work very early ( I teach High School) each day. City Ordinance for noise is 10 p…

  8. Where Did BURL Go?

    On Friday I had a bit of scare. From my Inboxen™:

    Attention Andrew:

    Your BlueHost.Com account for was deactivated. Your data may still be temporarily available even though your web site may not be functioning. If y…

  9. The Day Before Classes…or Is It?

    I was looking at my schedule this morning and suddenly realized that I have no classes on Tuesday, which means that I have no class tomorrow!

    Summer break is extended by one day!

    In other news: Matt signed the lease, picked up a shower curt…