April, 2006

  1. Finally, Error Page v1.2

    It took a couple days longer then I had planned but it’s finally out:
    Got all the Akismet features working. While the plugin will work without an API Key, you really should get one. All comments that are tagged as spam by Akismet are placed into …

  2. But No 30Boxes?

    Julia over at 30Boxes writes:

    There was an article today in the Wall Street Journal touting Google Calendar as "quick and easy" and although there is a mention of 30 Boxes, we think he is inaccurately portraying Google as the lead innovator…

  3. PSA: Living Library on Dead Day!

    This is a Public Service Announcement:

    Sigma Lambda is holding the 1st Living Library on Dead Day between 11am-5pm in the library.

    So you are asking yourself what is Living Library?? Living Library is where students will ‘check out’ other pe…

  4. Weederbot III

    I was walking back from Quant Lab (in Coolbaugh Hall) when I came across this over at Kafadar Commons:

    It’s a Senior Design project that took a conventional riding lawnmower and robotized it by adding a MIT Handyboard and some linear actuator…

  5. But What If I Don’t Want to CURL?

    It seemed too easy. It was too easy. I made an assumption about the initial configuration of a users PHP installation and didn’t think about the consequences. cURL needs to be included during compilation of PHP and if it’s not, then you can’t use …

  6. Acid and IE7

    While I’m on the subject of IE7, I ran the Acid2 Test on it. Horrible still. The Acid test is designed as a way to check standards compliance and ability of browser to handle non-compliant CSS and such. It’s not designed to test for everything; in…

  7. Why IE 7 Won’t Cut It

    …at least among the savvy computer users.

    Take a look at http://www.ieaddons.com/, Add-Ons for MSIE. To me, it looks likes Microsoft version of Mozilla Firefox’s https://addons.mozilla.org/?application=firefox, Firefox Addons. There are two m…

  8. Free NetFlix

    Usually the NetFlix free trial only lasts two weeks. However, I just got an email that will give you an entire month of NetFlix for free

    Link: http://www.netflix.com/Default?mqso=80007138&
    Expires: 5/09/2006

    Note: I don’t get any sort of ki…

  9. Not a Blog

    I’m tired of organizations trying to use catch phrases, such as "blog", when they really have no idea what they’re talking about. Case in point:

    The Colorado School of Mines has a some Student ‘blogs’ on their First-Year Students page.

    The f…