February, 2006

  1. An Open Letter To America Online

    I’ve railed against AOL for sometime now, but this takes the cake. And no, this is not that hoax letter that has been circulating the Internet for the last 10 years that everyone, you, and your grandma have all recieved saying that AOL is going to…

  2. All In The Presentation

    The success of many things depends on one simple thing: How you present it.

    Example #1:
    Food. How appealing food is often depends directly on how it is presented. There was a famous study done some time ago. The researchers colored the foods d…

  3. Name That Thing

    I still can’t believe this! All this hype for something so ridiculous! Who cares about a(n) __________? I want something new! I want them to think differently! Why oh why would they do this?! It’s so wrong! It’s so stupid!
    gee! a(n) ______…

  4. Mapping My Personality Visability

    This is actually pretty cool. I’ve picked 6 words that I think best describe me. Now you go and pick 5 or 6 words that you think best describe me:


    I’ve also done the same by picking the best 5 word…

  5. Twelve Ways To Mark Up A Book

    Twelve tips on how to mark a book while reading. Posting mostly so I don’t forget, but also because it’s worth sharing.

    From Open Loops:
    What Not To Do
    Donâ��t use a highlighter â�� Quality marking isnâ��t done with a fat-tipped highlighter. You…

  6. I Remember: Ed Moats

    I remember Freshman year: Ed Moats. 8:15 am Advanced Algebra. What a class. Ed was a retired lawyer who thought teaching was a good idea. Not so much.

    Ed Moats to Austen Holman, "Are you From Austin, Texas?"

    Ed Moats to Dori Scherer, "Everyt…

  7. Happy Birthday Quinn and Annie

    Quinn ends his horrible rampage as a teen and turns 20. Actually it wasn’t horrible or a rampage, but he’s not a teen anymore..welcome to the club.

    Annie has one more year to savor being a teen, but she can drink legally in Canada now.

  8. Finished The Tipping Point

    I finished The Tipping Point while I was taking a break from skiing. It’s good book and really helps show how social epidmics come about and how critical they are in socity. Malcom Gladwell has also started blogging: http://gladwell.typepad.com/gl…