December, 2005

  1. Review: 2005 New Years Resolutions

    I met all of my 2005 New Years Resolutions!

    I wrote about 650 posts, or 1.78 posts/day. There are some missing posts from the server crash of August 2005, but I really did post!
    I passed Calc I in the Spring 2005 Semester and I passed Calc I…

  2. thisBoard Hits SourceForge

    thisBoard is a project I started at the beginning of the school year as way to better keep track of finances between all the roommates in our house. I always intended to release the code about three weeks ago I decided that I needed to rewrite the…

  3. Updates

    I’ve released an update to my Wordpress Error page, bringing it to version 0.82. I would call this a mandatory upgrade as it fixes some really serious issues (nothing fatal, just nothing good).

    On the home front (i.e. my blog), I’ve completely …

  4. Note to Self:

    I must stop having grandiose ideas…well, at least cut down a little.

    Although one might argue that even if you’re shooting for the moon and miss, you’ll fall amongst the stars.

    I’m beginning to dislike "the stars."

  5. What to Do?

    But what do, that is my question; An answer would be nice, but it is not so.
    I must be patient, that is the only option: Laissez faire must be preserved;
    Empirical data does not hold; Yet, something drives me, what is it?

    Day by day: I wait; …

  6. “Lazy Sunday” Update

    Sumocat’s Scribbles says that iTunes now has Lazy Sunday ("Chronic of Narnia") for FREE!

    There’s no link on his blog and searching for it on iTunes has proven a futile effort. But I was able to track down the link from The Lonely Island website…

  7. In case you didn’t know…

    [four things you drink frequently]

    gatorade (or other generic sports drink)
    dr. pepper
    orange juice

    [four tv shows you liked when you were a kid]

    inspector gadget
    sesame street
    mr. rogers neighborhood
    mission: imposs…

  8. Are You Asking the Right Question?

    Far too often, people ask the wrong question. Raymond from The Old New Thing has a perfect example of this. Although his post is more about "people sometimes [asking] a question that can’t or shouldn’t
    be answered because it is based upon a misund…