November, 2005

  1. Time at SAAS

    I always like going back to SAAS, to say to my teachers, to reconnect, and to update them on my life (which often includes pluging my website). I usually also try to think back on my college experience thus far so I add something to Melinda’s "Lif…

  2. XM Radio on Direct TV

    Whilest flipping through channels late at night,
    I stumbled upon XM, what a delight.

    Sixty-five channels plus of commercial free sound,
    enough to listen to while I lie around.

    Direct TV & XM Radio

    direct tv, xm radio, poem

  3. Finished Just a Geek

    Just finished Just a Geek by the nerd himself, Wil Wheaton.

    I have some things to say about it (good things, Wil), but I don’t have the time to write about them now.

    just a geek, wil wheaton

  4. ViewPad 1000

    On my way through security, I saw a guy (I’ll call him Ben) who had a ViewSonic ViewPad 1000. I almost took a picture of it, but decided against it because TSA doesn’t like people taking pictures on their turf.

    I asked Ben about it. The conver…

  5. No Class

    Despite what "On the Docket" shows (to the right), I don’t have class today or any other day this week.

    Thus is the incompatibilities of Outlook and the iCal format.

    outlook, ical

  6. I’m at the Airport Now

    I’m at the airport and sun is just starting to come up now.

    As usual, I didn’t get any sleep last night. I spent most of the time on the computer, just plowing through some of the crap in my Inboxen™, not that I got very far.

    I spent 1…