October, 2005

  1. Getting on Top of the Ball

    As we’re walking down to Woody’s, Mike has some papers that he looking over for a test he has tomorrow. Vulgar languange will ensue:

    "What test you studying for?" I ask.

    "Human Systems," Mike says, slightly perplexed.

    "Oh fuck!" I proclai…

  2. My Day Has Been Made

    My day has been made! I was convinced that I had failed my calc II exam. I dreaded even going to class today. But I went anyways and to my great suprise, I got a 72! The class average is 75.

    I’m happy. My has been made.

  3. Use Flock, Get Free Hosted WordPress

    I literally just stumbled on this on accident. I was going to Robert Scoble’s hosted WP site and typed it in slightly wrong. As it happened, I was using Flock and I was recognized as such. And I was gifted a free hosted Wordpress.com site. VERY CO…

  4. I Have Skiied

    Yes folks, I hit the slopes today setting a personal record for the earliest ski season start. In typical years, I usually don’t get up until very late December or early January. But not this year. Less than a week after A-Basin open, I was skiing…

  5. Saw II

    I’m not going to put any spoilers in here. But I will say that Saw II was an awesomly-great movie, even better than the first one. I didn’t see the trailer (the theatrical trailer that is, not to be confused with the teaser) before the movie and I…

  6. I Think It Was a Date

    I’m not really quite sure what sparked the idea:

    Andrew Ferguson: would you be interested in seeing a movie tonight?
    Laura L: yeah, like a late one?
    Andrew Ferguson: what ever works for you
    Andrew Ferguson: personally I want to go see Saw II…

  7. Write This Down

    Don’t worry about what they mean (although you get bonus points if you tell me how there were created):




  8. Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons @ Mines

    Just about every Friday, Mines Activity Council (MAC) has a comedian come and perform. I usually try and go to the comedian, but I’ve been so busy on Friday’s that I haven’t been able to make it until now. It was well worth it and I’m going to try…