April, 2005

  1. A Suprise Visit From Dad

    I was up at Kit’s yesterday and today. Dad decided that one his way back from Boston, he’d drop by and really not tell anyone until he was on his way. Anyways, nice seeing him. I’m back at Mines though…only four days left!

  2. The Crucible

    Katie Markel (Must login to see results) was in The Crucible, a play put on by Broomfield High’s theater deptartment. While the the play was a little long, topping off at just over three hours, it was good. It’s about the Salem Witch Trials and I…

  3. Newcomb’s Paradox

    I guess Quinn likes quizing us (by us, I mean people he knows). Here’s one he just sent out:

    Box #1 is guaranteed to contain $1000 no matter what. Box #2 either contains one million dollars, or it contains nothing. You can either 1) take bo…

  4. Niiiiiiicola (Rymes with Ricola)

    Just got off the line with Nicola Stephen. Yes, the Nicola Stephen from Scotland. She was very suprised to hear from us (Peter and I). The best part was that it only costs 2 cents a minute when you go through Skype. Anyways, after about 30 minut…

  5. First Time Donor, Second Time Fainter

    I signed up to give some blood last week for three reason. First, it’s on a long list of things I’ve never done but want to try at least once; second, I have a chance to win a free iPod Shuffle; and third, I’m interested to know my blood type.

  6. Back From Jackson

    Just got back from Jackson. The trip was somewhat eventfull. I arrived in Jackson a quarter after ten. We headed back to Peter’s old place. I changed and Peter got some stuff he forgot. Then we took off. We drove until about 4 am when we made a …

  7. Taking Off

    Taking off for Jackson Hole. I’ll be back tomorrow around 5 pm. If I’m not back my midnight tomorrow night, send out the search party.Mom, I have extra mediction, so don’t worry.Dad, I took my coat.Call me on my cell if you need anything.