January, 2005

  1. Oh Yea, It’s My Birthday

    So today marks the 19th year of my birth (for you *NIX freaks, that would be 599529600 since epoch). Another year, another tick on the ol’ age-o-meter. I did have the pleasure of going out to eat with Kit, Melissa, Chris, Grandma, Wendy, Danny, …

  2. CSM Getting a Radio Station?

    Perhaps. I just saw an approved notice on one of the bulletin boards probing the interest for a CSM radio station. Interesting. Possible callsigns (as suggest by myself) include: KCSM-AM, KORE-FM, KDIG-AM, and KDIG-FM.

  3. Colorado 10 Pass

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I also went and purchased my Colorado 10 Pass. This bad boy allows me to ski at any of the Vail owned resorts and A-Basin for only 37.90 a day. Sweet deal!

  4. Atomic TM:X’s and AT Bindings

    If you read my blog on a somewhat regular basis, you should know that I’ve been learning how to Telemark. Well, I went up to A-Basin today with Andre Papineau and we hit the slopes. We went in for lunch and on our way out, I checked out this booth that was demoing ski’s. As…

  5. gasBill.cpp

    Here’s this week C++ project we had to do. I’m just going to post original work that I made, not files they had us fix. Download the compiled executable

  6. So Incredibly Fun and Exciting!

    I started making up work today for my MACS445 class and I have to say that I am really pumped! Here’s our first assignment:
    Individual work—TLG has a P4 desktop running Windows 98 and a P3 laptop running Windows ME. Their Internet browser on b…

  7. Bitting Me in the Ass, Bigtime

    Romanticism and Transcendentalism are coming back to bit me in the ass, sort of. It more of the fact that I thought I’d never ever have to use such information again that is bitting me in the ass. As part of NHV, we are reading some Emerson and Th…

  8. MACS 445OL

    I am now up to 18.5 credit hours, adding Web Programming to my list of classes. It really doesn’t add any load to my schedule because it is an online class and I already know half the stuff. So this should also make up for my Calc 1 credits I had …