October, 2003

  1. DNA and Longhorn

    This is a going to be a two part post:First, I got my DNA results back.
    No, I’m not suffering from any sort of ailment, in fact, the DNA that I had
    profiled as part of my BioTech course was "Junk" DNA, more specifically, mtDNA.
    Here goes:

  2. Phone call

    I went to the R.E.I. Garage sale this morning, got some nice stuff. Anyways, I managed to forget my cell phone at home. When I got home, I was checking my messages. Then I came accross this message. Now there are two flavors: R and PG. Pick the on…

  3. Peter Walchenbach’s Boundaries

    I began work on a new joint venture project between myself and Peter. Essentially, it’s a Warren Miller Film. Is it a knock-off. No. I would say more of a tribute. The guys is genius, from his poetic narriation to his artistic camera work. This pr…

  4. Oh! That’s so cool!

    I am reminded time and time again about the main philosophy of my website: "To help myself develop an automated website." Yes, it sounds somewhat egotistical, and in fact, it sort of is, but hey, it’s my site, my rules. In any event, I added yet a…

  5. What the ****?

    I finally got around to coding the "New Update" Feature. When you see an astrick (*) next to the navigation link, that means that the section has been updated within the last week.

    On a seperate note, I thought this comic was pretty good:

  6. DirectTivo

    We ordered Direct TV with a built-in TiVo recorder on Sunday. We waited for the installer guy to come out and he wanted to install a mast for the dish for an exorbitant amount of money. Yea. I don’t think so. So I took to installing the dish mysel…